About Me

I work one-on-one with you to provide sophisticated high-quality expert communications strategies and online marketing services. You can expect peace of mind and satisfaction when we collaborate with the added confidence of knowing I bring more than 15 years of NYC agency and consulting experience spanning a wide range of industries and diverse audiences to support your goals.

I’m a versatile Brooklyn-based writing, communications, and online marketing strategist who began my professional life as an analytical chemist in a Fortune 500 lab.

After completing an extensive undergraduate pre-med degree in combined biological and physical (chemistry and physics) sciences – see Academic Focus section of my Medical Writing & Communications page – and my first role as a real-world chemist, I shifted from the scientific method and lab experiments to the expressive nature of words and language.

Deconstructing complex technical, scientific and business strategy concepts and re-assembling them into fresh perspectives and meaningful narratives that engage and connect across mediums, channels, and platforms has been a passion ever since.

Ready to begin? Connect with me now and let’s get started. Have questions first? Get in touch, get answers and let’s find out how I can help.